and I tremble
Hi. I am Danny. I am 14 and my stupid sister said I should start this blog.

I am not exactly sure what I've gotten myself into, but go ahead and ask me anything you want... I guess.

(( OOC: this blog is based on the trepidation au. For more info click on the links on the right. ))

M̬͞e̳̭̥ ̭͇͔͕͎̬̦M͓͘y̵̳̲̝̜̞̻s̟̳̥͍̼̳̱e̞͙͕̲͖̣̜L̰̱̩̰͕̮F ͔̟̕I̵̗̥̻͉ ̀a͕̭͈̹m͙̮̲̻̖ͅ ̗͔̮͜ş͔̫̲T͢i̞̣͎̯̘ḽ̷̲̦͕̩l̢̹̗̱ ̻̙̲̳̗̟̺H̞̙̺̺̤͢E̲̗̰̯͝r̳͙͙͘E̮̫̜̫͞

Your art has really improved leaps and bounds. Wow. Much impressed.
from Anonymous

Well tbh it didn’t too quickly because I took a long break from this blog for a while (a few months actually??) and in that time I drew a lot and posted it on my personal blog and stuff sooo… it might seem it did fast but actually I am just slow with updating and… yeah haha

But still thank you! If I look at the beginning of this blog (which is a whole year now actually) I actually feel a little proud bc I always work hard on my art and when I see small improvements I want to kiss the world sdjfdg

//hey to the mun, you're blog helps me a lot. I have a blog like this for similar reasons (mine is writing though, not art). I really wanted to draw some fanart for you because you and Danny have helped me so much, but I just can't make anything good. Would you mind if I wrote you a fic instead? I'm pretty decent, because my blog is basically 3-4 para stories piecing together my characters life. So are you okay with me writing you a fic? Or would you rather I didn't)
from Anonymous

Mun:  Oh gosh, thank you for telling me this, you don’t know how happy it makes me to read I actually help people!
And of COURSE I am okay with you writing me a fic. I would be so honored, too?? 
You don’t need to of course! Only if you really want to and feel comfortable with writing whatever you had in mind! I don’t want you to pressure yourself into anything because you telling me this blog helps is already so so lovely of you!

I think the anon with the cat was actually just quoting welcome to nightvale.
from Anonymous

I know, I know and last time I listened to it I didn’t dare to go near the park for a week okay
Jazz said I’m not allowed to hear it anymore. 


(do you know what nightmares you can get from that?)

This is to the mun: i have such an amazing love hate relationship with this AU, its so amazing and its awesome and I wannA TRY TO CONTRIBUTE FAN ART. but i also feel s ad looking at this blog sometimes. ITS AMAZING NONE THE LESS.
from Anonymous

mun answers: 
Oh gosh this is so sweet, but believe me, dear anon, it’s the same for me. The love hate relationship I mean. Mostly because I work on this blog whenever I don’t feel so well myself, so it’s like a place good for me but also? you know?? 

I really don’t make sense today wow…

Usually my face, anon. Why what do you see?

Holy frick, ANON! Never touch something floating! NEVER!

QUICK: Screenshot your browser and post whatever you had open before you clicked on your asks!
from Anonymous

Well you guys have a weird idea of fun questions, lol. 
Here you go. Whatever that tells you now.

Is it a psychological thing? Like “the colors and stuff on your dashboard tell us about your mind”? Man! I have to ask Jazz.

could we get a link to the twitter?

It’s in the text post, my friend, but sure


a very small update but I made a twitter 
not that it’s interesting, mostly boring and stuff

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