and I tremble
Hi. I am Danny. I am 14 and my stupid sister said I should start this blog.

I am not exactly sure what I've gotten myself into, but go ahead and ask me anything you want... I guess.

(( OOC: this blog is based on the trepidation au. For more info click on the links on the right. ))
Have you ever thought that killing yourself won't make things better? I mean, you're kind of... already dead
from Anonymous

I never actually thought about killing myself, anon. I am not… allowed. It would be too dangerous.

Besides that… I don’t want to join the ones staring at me at night.

Does it for Danni when she turns?
from Anonymous

Who is this Danni?! Do you mean Danny, so, like… you know, me?
I don’t get that question, wow…

Sorry, buddy.

Awesome 'Alice in wonderland' Danny work. Love it but I'm sorry for some reason he looks like Ceil Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji the way he is dressed. Sorry!

(( oh no! You caught me! Yes actually I am a big fan of the series! I had Ciel in my mind the entire time I drew them. The clothes are amazing in the manga. I wish they had been more present in the anime, but I guess that would’ve been mad work for the animators…

No need to  apologize, though. Although I didn’t really reference a particular design from the series, I HAD ciel in mind.

edit: agh! I lied! I actually DID reference a thing!! But it wasn’t from ciel, it was from an old Drossel Keinz artwork! Look at the cross stitches! ))

drag me to wonderland

drag me to wonderland

drag me to wonderland

drag me to wonderland


one thousand eyes

I want to be a good friend

To the admin, I know that you have the AU story to your blog on your page but, for some reason, I cannot get to it. Could you post it as a text post perhaps or maybe another link to it as a reply? Thank you and keep up the superb blog!
from Anonymous

(( Oh gosh, of course, dear! Here you go -> AU Info and the character page.

Oh and if it still does not work, ask me again, I will set up another page for it then. (It works fine for me, tho) ))

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